Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sew Much Fun in Seward.

Another week has gone by here in the Great North. Gone are the toasty days filled with fishermen and tourists and in comes one of my best friends: Kate.

Kate is from Arizona (we met my junior year in high school) and this is her second time up here. I guess we made a good impression on her the first time because she is back and ready to experience more of this beautiful state.

Well what better way to experience the great outdoors than to kayak on the ocean along the coastlines of Seward? I've kayaked with Sunny Cove four times already, and yet I always get excited to come back. Nature is full of surprises and you never know what adventure awaits!

Anyhow, we ended up kayaking ten miles, including a four mile hike down to South Beach, which is where the troops stationed at Caine's Head Island stayed during WWII, and aside from the multiple porpoises we saw whilst paddling, we happened to come across a black bear during our lunch spot on South Beach. Now that is something that even I don't see every day!

It was neat to experience this with Kate, for I not only got to see some new sights, but it made me appreciate Alaska even more. The more I leave, the more my desire to return becomes. It's an incredibly spectacular place to live and I feel even more appreciative when I'm showing it to visiting friends.

Alaska, you have my heart.

You know I can't resist a good pun!

All of these pictures were taken on a Sanyo underwater camera that had a defective screen, so I didn't actually know what any of the photos looked like until I plugged the camera in! Now I know what it must have felt like back then... the thrill of the surprise.

The water in Kachemak Bay: perfection. Smooth and flat.

Something else I relished about this trip: the rich greenery. Because Seward gets an average of eighty inches of rainfall per year, the forests are the most luscious, vibrant, and healthy. Breathing in their air can compare to no other and the supply of natural plants (including salmonberries and blueberries) truly is remarkable.

Kate has a fancy for devil's lcub.

Lookin' a little high of that seaweed...

Just check out those roots!

Lunch at misty South Beach.

And if you look closely, a black bear!

My smile couldn't even begin to tell you how much fun I had! Nor could the sore muscles I had the day later..

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