Sunday, July 31, 2016

River, Sea, Earth, and Coffee.

The whole duration of Kate's stay was spent mostly in the outdoors. If you're from here, you know that the "thing to do" on a daily basis would basically include doing something outside. We live in one of the most scenic and untouched lands and it would be a crying shame not to see nature's beauty at its finest. Luckily, even though Kate comes from the city, she was game to get down and dirty with the earth.

Whether it was taking an evening boat ride on the Kenai River chasing rainbows, or hanging out on the Homer Spit making beach jokes (we both like white beaches, black beaches, and walking all over beaches), we were together enjoying Alaska and reminiscing about all manner of things. 

It's easy to get lost here. To forget about your phone, disappear awhile, and just be at peace, in the present, experiencing a sense of solitude you can't get anywhere. 

And even though I live here, I play tourist in all the stores, collecting Alaskan souvenirs, taking pictures everywhere, and being proud of this place I am lucky enough to call home. And it's even better to play tour guide, for I always appreciate things I had never thought of before. It's seeing things with new eyes. Rivers, seas, earth, and of course, coffee.

Welcome back to Alaska, Kate...

A walk through nature...

Kate and I were nervous about being too late for a river cruise, but turns out, it was timed perfectly with the rainbow that appeared before us.

We've literally BEAN to every coffee shop on the Peninsula. At least, the ones worth going to..

Both of us with our fancy cameras trying to figure out the proper angle.. Thanks for the candid, Dad.

Kate, you mocha me happy.

Seriously, how could you not enjoy company with someone with a sense of humor like this?

Spending time at some of Alaska's most prominent beaches..

And of course my dad came along to check out this particular beach. (you have to say beach like b**** and the connotation sounds so much funnier)

An empty table for two. Until next time, Kate!

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