Saturday, July 9, 2016

What a Shot.

I never thought that I would say that my Saturday was spent shooting.

Shooting what, you ask? Why guns.

There's quite a national controversy concerning guns and open carry with all of this violence happening, but I've always had a very personal and unique perspective concerning guns simply because of one fact: Alaska.

Alaska happens to be one of the most free states in America with open carry and usage of guns. Walk into the post office here and you're bound to see an older man with a gun in his holster. Ask any family in the neighborhood and they are guaranteed to have a gun safe. Is this because we're northern maniacs who like violent weapons? Absolutely not. Alaska is a very untamed and wild. You are considered crazy if you go on a hike without a gun! Bears, of course are the biggest threat, but more importantly, we use guns as protection.

So today, at the crack of dawn, Mom took my sister and myself to an all day "Intro to Pistol" gun safety course. The organization is called "Women on Target" and is sponsored by the women of the NRA, and so the whole class was dominated by females. Girl power! After being given an overview of semi-automatics and revolvers, we were given an education on safety in the woods (moose, bears, perps, oh my!), and then we got to try these babies out on the range.

It is quite a feeling to know how to properly use a gun. But on another note, I know how to safely and confidently operate a weapon in order to defend myself. What my view is on gun usage is that if you outlaw guns, you give outlaws access to guns. Of course I believe that certain guns shouldn't be made easily available (strictly military grade guns made to kill people), and I also believe that there should not only be more thorough background checks, but a gun safety course upon gun purchase. We have to take a driver's test in order to get a license, why can't it be the same rule for guns?

Today was just incredibly enlightening in the sense that I have a completely different view from most of the rest of the United States, but only because we live in such a special place where guns are used more for protection against bears than used with violence towards people (I'm not saying that it doesn't happen though). It was also a class about empowerment, as there is something to be said about knowing how to effectively handle a gun in case of an emergency, or if you're hunting.

Alaska definitely knows how to make use of that 2nd amendment, but more importantly, we know how to exercise those rights safely and with protection.

These semi-autos were great, with the PPX being my favorite.

Here, I try my hand at a revolver with a moving bear target. Very Alaskan indeed.

Sisters Krull: Women on Target.

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