Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Two Weeks Later.

Two weeks ago, I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Which means that two weeks later, I get to admit that I'm sitting here writing to you from my rock bar in my home in Alaska. Two weeks ago, I was falling asleep to the sounds of the city. Two weeks later, I fall asleep to the soft patter of rain and my cat's humming purr.

Been quite a hiatus for me, and I can honestly admit that I've been missing you. Graduation day happened to be the same day for me to move out of my hovel and with my amount of stuff (11 checked bags worth and leftover tubs at Grandma's), it was quite the feat. We've then been road tripping Cali and instead of being tied up to a computer (which was buried in those bags anyway), I chose to enjoy myself and disconnect for a little while.

But I really want to talk about graduation, because it's a special day and should be remembered as such.

After my parents flew in the night before, and after an epic sleep at the Mark Hopkins Intercontinental Hotel (with some seriously killer views), I dolled up and traveled in style to the Herbst Theatre.

Located in the artsy Hayes Valley district, it's setting is right next to the War Memorial Opera House and across from proud City Hall. I met with my friends Angelina and Maria and we proceeded to join the other grads in the theatre, then the back room as we waited impatiently for the ceremony to start.

I've been to a few graduations in my life, but this one topped the cake with efficiency and intimacy. Walking out to the cheering crowd of applause, we took our seats in the beautiful theatre and it began.

Now about a month ago, me and three other Merchandise Marketing students were nominated for the Cyril Magnin award, which focused on an entrepreneurial spirit. When nominated, we had to interview with the family. I'd like to say that I interview well, and of course I went on and on about my magazine, but for some reason, when I left, I felt that I hadn't quite hit the mark.

Well, apparently, I was wrong, for when the lady began describing the winner as "fashion rebel", "magazine", and "writer", I squeezed Angelina's hand and tears began brimming around my eyes. I won, and it meant the whole world to me to be recognized by such an esteemed family for my entrepreneurial spririt for my magazine.

And then the walk across stage to receive the diploma! My goodness, what a morning.

It just hit me there. I was leaving all of my wonderful friends, all of my amazing teachers whom I have looked up to and admired, and whom I knew on a personal level, and I was really going off into the world. It takes my breath away a bit, thinking that I'll never walk the halls at FIDM with my rollerbag, enjoying second coffee in the café, and taking weekly outfit pics out on the balcony.

But what I've got to remember is that this has been an amazing journey and that things will only get better. I have learned so much, experienced so much, and have truly made the best of my short time here in the city. And I'll always look back on my time here fondly and with a smile.

See you, San Francisco...

Angelina's cap..

My Barbie Joni once more makes an appearance on my cap!

Grad gift from Mom and Dad, "because she (Coco) was the one who got you interested in fashion in the first place." True. When I was in the fifth grade, I portrayed Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel in a class wax museum and have since then been captivated by the fashion industry.

Backstage shenanigans and plenty of time spent in front of the mirror!

Here we... go.

We did it!! FIDM puts the rad in grad.

The lovely Gail.

In the middle, we have Nancy (all Buying classes), and on the right we have Ruth (Promotions).

And my favorite teacher of all, the delightful Denise Lederman (History and Professional Practices). She also makes killer brownies.

Out to meet my fans!

And thank you to my family, for supporting me and encouraging me all the way..

Dad never ceases to surprise me with the photo bombs.

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