Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Day of my Last Year.

Officially it is the first day of my senior year. Taking a year abroad down in Arizona, it felt like I was in a freshman all over again, yet grown up. Although I felt like the new student in a sea of people who recognized me yet didn't bother to say hello, I am forever grateful to have the memories of my incredible year down under. It gives me confidence just knowing that I had what these people will never get to experience. And they can judge me all they want in their North Face hoodies and yoga pants, but their silent insults will never effect me. In some ways, I'm glad to be back. I have some friends who hugged me, one who moved to have a locker by me, and I have this experience in my heart, forever making me smile at the memory of it. If its my first day of my last year, mind as well make it count. 

What I wore: black leather MAXIMA vest (used), vintage burgundy leather ESCADA skirt (used), assortment of vintage gold bracelets (used), and gold sparkly J CREW loafers. 

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