Friday, August 23, 2013

Dapple of Sun.

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise. It is sunny today. Booyah! It was perfect for me because I had to open at my work today and so I had the sun in my eyes keeping me awake, as well as the coffee surrounding me. It actually hit seventy and for late August weather here, that's pretty good I would say. Oh, and I finally just bought the whole 1D Take Me Home Yearbook Edition album on iTunes because let's face it, I am a serious British fan. Not gonna beat around the bush here. I'm not a "fan girl" which I think I clarified in a past post, but I do enjoy having a mini adoration, internally. Ok, sometimes I show it, like when I sang "What Makes You Beautiful" out loud the other night in my room at the top of my lungs, and imagine being the girl whom "Little Things" is being sung to, or "borrowing" the Glamour edition with 1D on the cover. Like I said, most are personal, and they're little things. Haha. I like 1D. I said it, okay? And I'm not obsessive and creepy, I just enjoy their music and the fact that they're good looking, funny, and British help as well. ANYWAY. Today was a sunny day.. How did I get on such a tangent? 

What I wore: vintage multi strand sage necklace (used), navy JUST GINGER top (used), flor AERIE pants, and sparkly TOMS. 

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