Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Twisting Things Around.

As my title would prove, my outfit today had a bit of a literal twist to it. Now I don't know if the cardigan was made for it, but I thought it looked cool, so I turned it around and literally wore it backwards. Hehe. And it was so great, I was walking out of a lunch spot with one of my friends and I commented "this hurts" (meaning the tag rubbing against my neck), and a random creeper in the background said "well it looks good". We were cracking up! And at school, I was bombarded with compliments and it just shocked me that so many people thought that of my attire. It really makes one feel good and it inspires me to do more outrageous and creative outfits. It fuels the fire. Even a guy "coughed" and went "high fashion. " Oh goodness. Overall, turns out that twisting a little of ones personal style really makes an outfit unique.

What I wore: CAbi black wrap cardigan, lime green TASHA collar, colorful patched LIZ CLAIBORNE skirt (used), and line green pointy toed pumps (used). 

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