Friday, August 16, 2013

Throwback Thursday- La Vie en Rose.

It's true, I'm back from gay old Paris! And what a treasure that has been. It was my first time in Europe and although there were some mishaps (unfortunate pickpockets, lack of bathrooms, and ginormous crowds), the whole experience was extraordinary. Finally being able to see the true Eiffel Tower with my own true eyes is unbelievable. And walking along the Seine and seeing stylish couples having picnics along the water is like waking from a dream and realizing that the dream was real. And everyone is so accepting there! Although I wasn't completely down with the idea of nudes on the beach, I loved how one could get away with wearing anything one wanted- no judgements. It inspired me and so I'll share some of my outfits that I wore in one of the most stylish cities on earth!!

Walking the streets of Frejus.. A tiny town  on the French Riviera. 

What I wore: pale pink AERIE sunglasses, TOMMY HILFIGER bike top (used), high waisted vintage LEVI shorts (used), and red vintage flower necklace (used). 

Posing in a side alleyway whilst shopping at the local beachside market. 

What I wore: pink and white J CREW bathing suit, and a white lace floral skirt from FRANCESCA'S (used). 

Displaying my splattered self in one of the old abbeys. 

What I wore: denim AERIE crop top (used), pink HM pleated skirt (used), and seashell earrings. 

The Eiffel Tower.. Need I say more?

What I wore: blue NORDSTROM BP sunnies, a blue top, pink JESSICA SIMPSON skinnes, and a vintage blue necklace (used). 

My sister and I exploring the town of Paris..

What I wore: a purple FREYA bra, a denim tank (Goodwill), a TALBOTS pleated silver skirt (used), and assorted necklaces. 

Posing along the Seine on the way back from the Opera. 

What I wore: assorted necklaces, a tank from a flea market in Frejus, a blue CHLOE coat, locomotive AMERICAN APPAREL pants, and white vintage lace gloves (used). 

Paris.. The city of love. And palmiees. 

What I wore: TRACY REESE striped dress (used), and a red bow belt. 

And just on the other side.. Notre Dame!

What I wore: white top (used), VS blue bra (used), assorted necklaces, and a blue pleated vintage skirt (used). 

A paddleboat photo at the Estate of Versailles. 

What I wore: explosive gold spike earrings from NORDSTROM RACK, and a floral vintage top (used). 

My sister and I all gussied up for Moulin Rouge. 

What I wore: my moms vintage black dress (used) and gold GUESS heels. 

Taking a coffee break from the Louvre. 

What I wore: white top (used), studded necklace (used), and J CRE top (used). 

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