Thursday, August 22, 2013

Throwback Thursday- Jazz Lounge.

So a couple months ago, one of my very good friends that it would be a snazzy idea to have a jazz lounge- an evening of jazz entertainment. So I auditioned, got in, and had one of the most fun nights ever! Although a lot of people didn't show up, each of us performed our best and I had such a lovely time with all of the other performers. Personally, I sang "Ain't     Misbehavin'" by Louis Armstrong but my version was the Carmen McRae one. I got up there and channeled inner Marilyn Monroe like when she sang "Happy Birthday" to Mr. President. The crowd loved it and someone told me that I was mesmerizing. Ok, I prolly wasn't that captivating, but I appreciated the compliment. Well, maybe I am and I should consider a new career.. Anyhow! Ha. I was super proud of my friend for putting on such a successful evening of entertainment and since I won't be in AZ this year for it, this is a shout out to her amazing job at putting on a memorable show. 

The lovely performers onstage where all the excitement happened..

Me and my host who put on such a great night, and one of my next friends..

What I wore: black sports headband, MILLY polka dot silk top (used), and black pleated VINCE skirt. 

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