Monday, August 26, 2013

Rebel with a Cause.

I know its only been the start of the second week of school, but already, I feel that my attitude this year at school is slightly rebellious. Now I'm not turning into an evil child and doing the nasty with a guy that I don't know ( or do know), and slacking on homework ( actually, I would say that the teachers are slacking because I've only had to do two assignments thus far), but I feel like.. A rebel. When I walk the halls, I have this confidence that oozes from my tan limbs and escalates as I strut pass the crowded halls. I simply don't care what people think of me at this point. I had the guts to talk to a cute Italian (he was quite unresponsive to my attempts at conversation, but at least I tried. And this is an accomplishment for me because I am horribly bad at talking to cute guys, but am slowly getting better), and then I went and plopped a seat on the senior bench with the so called "popular" guys and expressed: "Mind if I sit here? Never sat here before.. Not that special.. Nice chatting, bye. " Where did that even come from? I mean, I'm sure the red lips boosted my confidence a little and then the Fro hair again too. Over all, I went for a vintage grunge rocker look today. Quite.. Rebellious. 

What I wore: WORD OF MOUTH "Imagination is greater than knowledge" tank (TJ Maxx), denim MARITHE FRANCOIS GIRBAUD shorts (Value Village), assorted bracelets, COACH white sunnies, and black TOMS.  

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