Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Apartment Tour!

With the morning to myself, and the roomies off for their "early" morning class (when I say "early", I mean 9:30, for that is the earliest class we all have), I decided to snap a few pics of the place in which I'll be staying in for the next year or so.

I think it's critical to make an apartment or living place to be as personal and cozy as if it were permanently your home. With that being said, I brought quite a few things along with me to help ease the mind!

Anyhow, they're not super duper in depth photos of my apartment because, yes, I do have roomies, and yes, we're all college freshman which means that there are messes. Quite a few, actually.What home is complete without a sink of dirty dishes and textbooks strewn about every available surface?

Here we go! 

Below, and most importantly, as Mr. Bear insisted, is my bedroom. Mr. Bear kind of runs the place, if you couldn't tell by his pimpin' arm cross.

Below, my humorous sign that my mom found for me ironically placed under a string of vintage lights in the shape of icicles. 

Our quite large closet. I think when FIDM chose the housing that they had to consider closet size (after all, this is a fashion school), which was a smart choice on their side! Here, we have my roomate's rack (left), and mine (right). You can see quite a difference in color, yes? Amazes me how each person's style is different..

An Ed flag that I picked up from his last concert. My roommate has become a bit of a fan as well ever since I showed her the incredible music video to Thinking Out Loud. If you haven't seen it, please go do it now, and your heart will thank you.

Plus, I found out that one of my other roomies is a 1D fanatic, so I thought to put up some "inspirational" posters by our shared desk. 

Some favourite art pieces I brought along from home..

Here we have the dining area, or as I've come to show you, the study area next to the heavenly Double Latte candle my roommate and I picked up from Anthro (on sale too!).

COFFEE. Need I say more?

And here's proof that yes, I, Elan, know how to cook!

Coffee.. you get the general gist. Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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