Wednesday, October 29, 2014

History in What We Wear.

I'm having so many epiphanies at school as of late. It's like my mind expands happily with the content that I'm learning and I can't help but grin from ear to ear whenever I'm in class. Even in the English class, I get so eager to start my research paper because it's on a subject I'm actually passionate about! For the first time, in a long time, I gladly anticipate the days in which I go to school and when I'm on my break, I look forward to go back and learn again.

Today in particular, I was struck with some realizations, specifically in my Twentieth Century Designers class. We just had our first quiz on the four stages of fashion (draped, semi-fitted, fitted, and artificial silhouette), the decades of the 20th century and their relation to what was going on in fashion (zeitgeist), and recognizing pieces from each of the decades. I realized, like a light bulb going on, that everything we wear is came from a designer who designed the particular garment during a decade that defined what they created. It all relates to each other! How they were born, how they were raised, where they were raised, what was going on socially, economically, politically, and culterally during that time, it all connects. It's astounding. 

For instance, I learned that during the 1930's, when the stock market crashed in 1929, the partying stopped, the Depression hit, and people escaped to the movies. Well, style inspiration now comes from watching film stars, the bias cut gown appears, and designers like Vionnet and Schiaparelli appear. I just can't.

And I love that about fashion- the history, the importance of the evolution of fashion, it's mind-blowing what we can learn from the past, observe about the present, and predict about the future.

So I thought about all of this today when I went to put on something to wear. I had my bustier on, reminiscent of the introduction of them thanks to Paul Poiret during the 1920's, a vintage 1940's skirt, reminiscent of the time in which WWII was happening and the rationing of items, such as fabric, and my 1920's shoes, reminiscent of the T-straps of the 20's fashion. It all relates. 

I just... wanted to share my enthusiasm with fashion with you. I hope you're not too startled by my high wave energy over here. My fingers are practically flying off the keyboard, I'm that excited. I hope you learned something new today, as I do everyday at FIDM!

What I wore: VS floral bustier (used), oatmeal SPARROW cardigan with orange tufftels (used), black misc. belt (used), brown vintage 1940's skirt (used), and light tan MIZ MOOZ t-strap heels (used). 


  1. Love your outfit! Happy to see you are so passionate about what you do. We need more of that these days.