Monday, October 27, 2014

Ruby's Diner, Anyone?

Eating, my third favorite thing to do when down (behind laughing and coffee, but of course).

I had quite the disastrous morning when I couldn't find one particular necklace of mine that holds incredible personal value, not to mention a late night before. But you know, as things most always do, they turn up and I found this necklace in the bottom of my laundry bin! Whew, what a close one.

But it kind of starts your day off wrong a little, you know? Well, my good friend Jordan and I had passed this particular restaurant the other day when hanging at the South Coast Plaza, for a school assignment (a school assignment! at the mall!), and we came back the next day to try it out.

Good thing we did, too. Not only was it the absolute cure to my rough morning, but it is one of my new favourite restaurants! 

You walk in, and it's like your transported back to the 1950's, a most favourite decade of mine. The waiters all don these adorable diner outfits, there's a TV playing black and white movies from back in the day, vintage VOGUE and BALLY posters lining the walls, a balloon-making man going from table to table, Frank Sinatra in the background, and an overall warm and cozy vibe to the place. I never wanted to leave!

And the service was top notch. We were greeted warmly upon entering and I felt welcome the entire time. Our waiter made sure we were satisfied and happy during the duration of our dining experience, and although the food took long to come out, I hardly noticed because I was happy chatting with Jordan and being happy in such a positive atmosphere.

And the food was deeelish. Jordan and I started with dessert first- two pumpkin milkshakes. It was like blended pumpkin pie, but sweeter and oh-so-good. OH! And then lunch was chicken wraps, which were also yummy.

I had an excellent time at Ruby's Diner, and I encourage you to stop on by and tell me what you think!

The most delicious milkshake.

A model drinking a milkshake? Unheard of! Just shaking things up, I guess. (no pun intended)

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.. But I can't guarantee I'll share. ;)

Jordan! What a lovely friend.

My deliteful chicken wraps..

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