Friday, October 10, 2014

My First Week @ FIDM.

Hard to believe that I'm already done with my first week at school. Feels like yesterday that I was moving into the apartment, and here I am, multi-tasking with starting new assignments and catching up to you! Crazy how time flies around here.

Anyhow, I've had quite the exciting first week. We begin with classic orientation: the meeting of fellow students and staff, introduction to all the rules and such at the school, and the last goodbyes to my dad. Quite an emotional couple of days there, what with the load of information and the final aloneness from my family. But I barely had time to simmer and sulk for there was so much excitement to behold!

We began with job interviews, something I was most excited about when I heard that two of my favourite brands of all time would be attending- Kate Spade NY and Ted Baker London. It was an absolute blast! Just the opportunity to interview with such big names like that was incredible.

First, an opportunity to volunteer backstage at a LANVIN fashion show. I just gotta say, this was before my first class at school. I mean, where in the world could I have had this opportunity than at FIDM?

It was an absolute dream come true. They say it was a lot of standing around but I think I was just too busy drooling at the assortment of impeccably created designer outfits winking at me from every corner of the room. I cannot express to you the utter bliss I was in!

Basically, I was in charge of dressing my model in and out of her four various designer treasures. I must say, I enjoyed it! Granted, it hurt to stuff her feet into impossibly too-small Valentino heels and to zip a Versace dress onto such a waif-like person, but it was a whole difffernent world I was exposed to, and that intrigued me!

What an opportunity.

And then I flew back to school to attend my first classes of the fall quarter and again was struck at the unbelievabe fact that I was studying fashion for college. I had always dreamed of doing reports on Yves Saint Laurent and figuring out the statistics for how societal changes affect the buying market, but to actually be in a classroom taught by professionals who have had first hand experience in the industry is phenomenal. Words simply cannot describe the gratitude at which I feel to be able to attend such an incredible school.

And this is only the first week! Imagine what I'll say a month from now.

Mirror selfie! My interview attire- vintage floral silk dress. 

And here we have backstage photos of the magical world of a fashion show..

And here is my amazing book for my 20th Century Designers class. I was literally in utter awe during that whole class. I think I've found the school for me.

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