Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Song for Sunday- Make it Rain.

I never thought things could get more emotional between a tv show and a musician.

Boy was I wrong.

So I have been completely absorbed and caught up in the turbulent world of Sons of Anarchy. It started back a couple of months ago and I flew through all six seasons in a flash. And then I made the mistake of checking up on Ed Sheeran's Twitter page and seeing that he had just finished doing a song for the seventh season.

And then there was the emotional roller coaster ride. Sons of Anarchy by itself had already given me feels beyond belief, especially the last episode of season six (an episode that involved a torrent of tears and lots of yelling at the screen and which, by the way, has left me currently hanging because season seven is not on Amazon Prime yet for me to watch), but to add in the fact that one of my favourite artists was recording a song for it was just the cherry on top.

Immediately, I went to go and have a listen and it was pure magic to my ears not three seconds in.

Ed's version of Make it Rain (originally written by Foy Vance) is complete genius and goes along perfectly well with the vibe of the show, especially the seventh season. It's eerie, it's dark, and altogether magnificent. Those guitar plucks resounding in the echoey background, Ed's incredible voice... it all sums up perfectly to the epic-ness of SOA. 

Have a listen, even if you don't care for the show ( how could you not though? it seriously leaves me so emotionally charged), and hopefully you'll love it as much as I.

"...When the sins of my father
Weigh down in my soul
And the pain of my mother
Will not let me go

Well I know there can come fire from the sky
Till we find the purest of kings
Even though I know this fire brings me pain
Even so, I'm just the same

Make it rain
Make it rain down Lord
Make it rain
Oh, make it rain..."

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