Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tom Ford, Ladies & Gents.

Today was all about Tom Ford. Inside and out. It was the last presentation in my 20th Century Designers class and I wanted to give it my all. Our current designer of choice was the one, and the only Mr. Tom Ford.
Now before starting the research, I knew nothing of this designer, except for the Jay Z song Tom Ford. But that's what this class is about- learning. And boy did I learn. I went all out in my research and learned everything I could in the amount of time that I had. Some interesting facts:
- Tom Ford created his multi-billion dollar brand with a degree in architecture. Started from the bottom and worked his successful way to the stop.
-He believes in every woman of every color and size should be able to wear his clothing.
-He's a perfectionist, and an incredible designer with a dedicated drive to excel.
- He directed the $7 million film A Single Man completely out of pocket and went on to win over twenty-five awards.
Just to name a few. You could say he's my new favorite designer.
But it's not just him I'm so inspired about. I'm constantly surrounded by inspiration, whether in class or not. In class, I got to learn about Elie Saab, Tory Burch, Alexander McQueen, and Monique Lhullier. But outside of class, I was inspired by the well dressed (and incredibly handsome) man in the Starbucks line, and by researching online for my Ted Baker project. Inspiration is everywhere.
Tom Ford though. Check him out. Pop a listen to Jay Z's Tom Ford, if you mind the naughty words, or check out his incredible men's suits and provocative and sexy womenswear. He's a keeper!
Homage to Tom Ford in dress today!

What I wore: black PURE blazer (used), red gingham top (used), Marvel Bowie (used), denim MARITHE &FRANCOIS GIRBAUD shorts (used), black tights, and black DOLCE VITA pointed loafers. 

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