Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Snow and Whoop.

Yesterday, we chanced upon some snowfall, which was more than welcome considering the lack of white upon the ground.

It's a most beautiful thing when the snow decides to fall! The temperatures appear warmer and there's a sense of peace and pure beauty. 

But after just a couple of minutes outside in the snowfall, I soon became chilly; you know, me and my Californian skin not quite used to the chills, and so I came inside for a warm blanket.

Well, my warm blanket turned into a warm drink, of which I made, courtesy of The Londoner. 

It's dubbed a "Hot Tail" and boy is it sure delicious. My brother licked that right up and my mom, who doesn't do hot chocolates, also suggested we make it the next night! Naturally, I had to pile mine with whoop because what even is a hot chocolate without whip cream?

It was a snowy day topped with whip cream.. my absolute favorite. 


My photos are very similar to those of The Londoner. She inspired me immensely and if you would like to try this heavenly drink (which I think you most certainly should), go on over and check out her post about it!

Fudge perfectly sums up how I feel sometimes.. Especially after a special hot chocolate..

What I wore: vintage rhinestone earrings (used), striped holiday J CREW top (used), red LTS skinny jeans, and blue SACHELLE boots (used). 

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