Thursday, December 11, 2014

Throwback Thursday- Beach Bliss.

It's strange to imagine that only two weeks have passed since I was in paradise. A time where I lazed the days away aimlessly staring out at the ocean blue, feet curled tight in the sand, special adult drink by my side, luxurious walks on the beach.

And yet here I am! It's hard to really ever pick a favourite part of a vacation, and to this day, I still can't. So I'm going to share some snapshots with you these next couple of weeks, some of my favourite bits, even though the whole trip was my favourite.

I want to start with a special dinner we had, a dinner exclusively on the beach. It was one of the nicest meals I've ever had. Yes, part of the reason was the fact that we were literally dining on the beach, but the main reason is that I was surrounded by family, whom got to share this special experience with me.

Our dining table..

So we hadn't even been seated for more than ten minutes before we were interrupted to check out this turtle releasing. I guess this time of year is the birthing time, so we got to witness these little guys being safely released back into the ocean. 

Have you ever had baby turtles swim over your feet? What a feeling!

Like something out of a fairy tale.

The most important start to any proper meal- BREAD.

A la romantic, si?

Remember that time when the Krull kids tried to smoke breadsticks on the beach? There's nothing like a nice breadstick smoke.

Dinner was coconut shrimp.

Dessert drink was my favorite- Kahlua.

And the finish.. chocolate cake!

My brother never misses an opportunity to photobomb.

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