Thursday, December 18, 2014

Throwback Thursday- Il Mare.

We're taking it back to Mexico!

I myself just completed a family photo book last night of the trip and noticed that the majority of the pages revolved around the meals we had. Tells you how important that is to our family, yeah? So I thought I would continue that stream, at least for a little bit, and share another fine dining experience with you.

This particular meal was at a restaurant that we had visited the last time we came, one of my favourites. Located a short walk from the club, Il Mare is located on the side of the road by means of an enticing entrance. Check this out..

A quick walk down the steps, and you enter a dining room with an open balcony overlooking the harbor of Ixtapa. Gorgeous view.

After being seated next to this gorgeous ocean below, we got right to work on taking some snaps.

Dinner this evening was pasta, the food of my people. Considering that it was an Italian restaurant (in Mexico), I decided to go all Italian- wine, bruschetta, pasta, and all. 

Linguini Con Vongole: linguine with fresh clams in a garlic, Chardonnay wine sauce and fresh parsley. How could I not?

And what meal is complete without dessert?

And cafe?

And Kahlua?

My sister and I then had the dilema (well, her more than I, but I have experienced this myself) of the making-out-with-the-air-trying-to-find-your-straw experience. Ever have that? Only making out we'll ever do..

I daresay that it was the loveliest evening. Food brings people together, that's what I say!

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