Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Merry and Bright.

I couldn't sleep last night for the excitement that was building for today.

And today proved more glourious than I could have ever imagined.

It began most excellently with a presentation on one of my all time favourite companies: Ted Baker London. 

For my retail class, we had to choose a retailer at the beginning of the quarter and research said retailer, which involved many trips to their location, and then intense research online for a final paper and presentation. Intense turned into interest and interest turned into love.

I'm in love. Ted has taken me. I want so badly to be part of the Ted team, work at Tedquarters in London, use my oodles (yes, oodles, the exact term they use on their website. Don't believe me? Look it up) of passion to work there.

One can imagine that I was literally excited to present. And I did, with confidence and love. I hope people go in there and love it like I do. Truly. It is one of the quirkiest, cutest, most perfect brand.

Anyhow, it was during this break in class that I went out to the lounge area and saw, much to my surprise, a hot chocolate station. A what. Only at FIDM do we get hot chocolate- and lots of marshmallows- for finals week. Is this the best school, or what?

Then, when class was over and lunchtime began, my dearest friends Whitney, Jordan, and myself were taking photos when we were asked to have our photo taken for the FIDM Blog! How exciting, and what an honor!

Myself and Whitney..

Jordan and Whitney..

Myself and Jordan..

Can we please just talk about how awesome this tree is?

And to celebrate the first of finals being checked off the list, Whitney and I took a jaunt down to the Orange Circle for a little celebration to the end of the day. 

Orange is paradise. We did the usual. Retail shopping here..

Window shopping here..


Coffee here..

And then a final walk towards the center of the Circle..

She's such a cutie!

Someday, my chestnut praline latte, I shall Merry you.

Don't forget to smile!

What I wore: LIA SOPHIA rhinestone necklace (used), white bow back LUSH top (used), vintage polka dotted skirt (used), silver sparkly TED BAKER purse (used, and discovered this past weekend, much to my joy!) and black RALPH LAUREN flats (used).

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