Wednesday, October 21, 2015

ExciTED to Announce..

You've probably been aware of my recent love affair with Ted Baker. 

If not, let me recap it for ya real quick. Ted Baker London, a 'no ordinary designer label' company has been my favorite brand for a little over two years. I first discovered it whilst doing a scholarship project for FIDM and since then, it has been my goal to work there.

Back in April, when Mom and I first visited San Francisco, we popped into the Ted Baker location on Grant Avenue and made quite a connection with a gal named Chelsea. Well last Monday, I popped in there and guess who was there? Chelsea! We chatted and caught up, and coincidentally, they were hiring and the manager was there. 

Well, the rest is history. I interviewed there last Thursday and had quite a connection, and then a second interview today, where I was told officially I was now part of the Ted Team!

It's a dream come true for me, really. And things just connected so well, and the opportunity came together so smoothly. 

I'm very pleased. There was celebratory coffee consumption, a long girlish chat to my mom, and lots of smiles. 

My day began with a proper That '70's Show episode, one that coincidentally featured Red Forman and his interview tactics:

Pumpkin Cheesecake Latte beforehand to calm my butterflies..

And of course, my favorite part of the day: dress up. I probably spent hours in there trying on over a dozen garments, having fun with the staff and getting a feel for the fit. It's all part of the job!

I ended up buying a lovely dress and necklace.. Again, it's for the job! And here, Chelsea and I share smiles. 

What a day!

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