Monday, October 26, 2015

My Tiffany Souvenir..

Tiffany! She went to Tiffany's. Whatever did you come out with?

Well, my friends, not much. 

I had to run an errand in there for school today and whilst I would've loved to come out with my own signature blue baggie with a little something special, maybe holding onto my lover's arm, the only thing I got from Tiffany was a picture.

But hey, I think it's kinda neat. I got to pose in front of their marble wall and I felt like Holly Golightly peering through their windows. 

Maybe next time...

I'm getting into the Halloween spirit.. who else is with me?

What I wore: gold bones necklace (used), plaid RALPH LAUREN top (used), high waisted MARITHE FRANCIOS GIRBAUD denim shorts (used), and olive over-the-knee FRYE boots (used). 

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