Saturday, October 24, 2015

Wild Saturday Night (Elan's Version).

Every Saturday, the Irish pub next door starts to blast it's tunes at about eleven. You hear people having a good time until well past one in the morning, you sing along as you lie there in bed, imagining yourself at said party spot.

Sadly, I'm still bloody underage and so I have to make to with my own little party.

It's still a lot of alone-time for this college girl. I've made some friends of course, but their schedules conflict with mine, and of course I understand the homework load, so there's a lot of Elan time. But hey, I value my alone time! It allows for you to discover yourself and be comfortable in your own company; however, if you start talking to Siri because you have no one else to talk to, it's time to go out and get a coffee and have a chat with a stranger!

So what does this crazy college girl do in her teeny tiny 10X10 room in the heart of the Financial District on a Saturday night? Tonight, seeing as how it's the official week before Halloween, I decided to have a night in with one of my favorite autumn films: Coraline.

I made myself a strong cup of french press coffee (with or without a splash of the Baileys), lit the candle for a little moody light, set out a plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies (courtesy of Mom), pulled on my skeleton sweatshirt, and cuddled under the cozy blanket for a toasty night in.

Maybe it's not the college life I expected. Maybe I imagined parties, and dancing, and drinking, and boys, but as of now, this is what I've got. I've never been the typical college girl anyway, and I chose to come to San Francisco for a unique experience.

And I know it'll get better through the year. I'll start working more, school will get more intense, and my routine will change. It's a rather exciting prospect, not knowing what the future is going to hold...

Someone's eyeing my cookies... hooot could it be?

What have you been doing on your Saturday nights, ya hooligans?

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