Thursday, October 1, 2015

I'll Sea You Later, Alaska.

So it's that time of year again, the time where Mom, Jess, and I take a drive down to Homer, a one last horrah before I board my plane and see new parts of the world. 

It's a rather bittersweet trip. I get to spend a lovely day shopping, eating, and spending time with my family, but I also know that it will be the last one, at least until next year. 

Anyhow, we were blessed today. During the entirety of the week, it had been storming pretty hard and combined with the super moon, things were all messed up here weather wise. Today, we woke to clear blue skies and sunshine. What timing! 
The trip began, as it always is (and should be), with coffee. 

The leaves still managed to cling to the trees, even through all the wind and rain, and it turned our drive into a lovely scenic adventure. 

Bout halfway to Homer, we ran into snow, however. Not something we were particularly excited about! 

Jess and I enjoying the sun in our faces..

Lunch today was at the delightful Maura's. We had rich sammys, pasta salad, and the best cream of mushroom soup with Gorgonzola. 

One happy girl! As Julia Child once said: "Those who love to eat are the best people." 

Can't miss out on the signature buoy picture pose! 

We spent the remainder of the day popping in and out of various shops, finding goodies along the way, but before leaving, we drove down to the spit for our photo shoot. 

Well, it was a rather exciting drive. Like I mentioned before, it's been storming and combined with that big moon, the tides here have been wonky. Today was a perfect example for we hit some massive waves that were just so eager to kiss our feet. 

Once parked, we hopped on out and explored the boardwalk. 

Just like last year! Yes, that is my doll Jess and I enjoy taking her out and about. It brings me joy, so don't be judgey pants! 

Just check out those gnarly waves, dude! Just like Cali. 

There's something relatable about the shut down boardwalks on the Homer Spit. They signify the end of summer, the moving on from one season to the next, kind of like what I'm going through.. 

A little ways up the beach, we found the waves to be not as tame as the lady Boardwalk! The waves were so large that they would block out sunlight under the peer. 

I braved some pics along the railing...

... Occasionally getting splashed. 

Driving back was rather exciting. Waves would pummel against the side of the road, splashing our windshield and bringing along a variety of oceanic debris. 

Well Alaska, I'm off on a new adventure. I'll sea you later! 

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