Sunday, October 25, 2015

Lunch and Then Some.

So I find that the best thing to do in boredom is eat.

And I don't say that in a way like binge watch Netflix with a bag of chips. I'm talking about going out.

I just so happen to live in a pretty thriving dining city, full of restaurants of every choice and ethnicity you could imagine (and more). Coming from Alaska, which has a totally different food scene (best if you eat what you catch and grow), I'm in heaven here.

On my walk to school, I probably pass fifty restaurants. And I've decided that eating out is a fine way to spend a day: breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Or all three.

Take today! I was anticipating another slow Sunday, doing last minute homework, napping, maybe a visit to the grocery store, when I got a text from my friend Jackie asking about lunch.

I'm in!

She ended up taking me to the Blue Barn, located on Polk Street. 

We entered the bustling restaurant, took a look at their delicious gourmet menu, ordered, and then waited at our table, tummies grumbling all the way. 

I ordered a Ragin' Cajun sandos from the press..

It's a peppered turkey breast, artisan ham, sopressata, smoked gouda, pepperoncinis, pickles, arugula & cajun aioli on a ciabatta roll. 

Jackie went for a Truffle sammy: peppered turkey breast, brie d'affinois, balsamic onion, roma tomato, mixed greens and truffled garlic aioli on herbed focaccia. And a big ole mug of fries!

With tummies mightily satisfied, we then went on a walk around the area...

I decided that I should like to live here.

I also wouldn't mind living here..

Overall, twas an unexpected and swell way to spend a Sunday. Jackie says she's going to try and eat out less; however, my work starts on Wednesday and I cannot wait to go and treat myself to a new dining spot! 

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