Monday, October 19, 2015

Working Business Chic.

There is only one class I have on Monday, but that class is probably one of my favorites so far.

Titled "Promotion in the Merchandise Environment", our Florida raised epic teacher keeps the class interesting and always on our toes. But what's cool about FIDM is that we get opportunities to directly experience what we're learning in the classroom.

Take our quarter opportunity: our class, combined with the visual communications class, has been "hired" to re-style and promote the gift shop at the San Francisco Symphony.


I know.

When I first heard about it, I couldn't quite believe my ears. But today, instead of taking notes from some boring lecture, we hopped the bus from Union Square, zipped over to Van Ness, and got to do an on-site visitation.

Questions were asked, tape measures came out, history was told, numbers and statistics were given, and we each brainstormed new ideas as to how to get the traffic flow better in the store, make it noticeable, and how to increase profitability.

That being said, I wore my chic business attire, for any occasion to dress up is an opportunity to express your style! We asked the proper questions, we gave the proper handshakes, we nodded, took notes, and we certainly looked the part of professionalism.

It's rather neat, this opportunity we've been given. I'm especially passionate about the arts and so this occasion to do something for the arts is especially exciting for me!

Can't wait to share more details!

Apologies for the mirror selfies, but I'm improvising and in search of a photographer!

What I wore: J CREW rhinestone statement necklace (factory outlet), 100% silk floral DVF blouse (used), high waisted khaki SALVATORE FERRAGAMO skirt (used), blue TED BAKER business bag (used), and blue VINCE CAMUTO loafers (used). 

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