Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bonjour.. Hello, I'm Back.

And I have returned at long last.

Apologies, but I have been vacationing in the Black Hills of South Dakota visiting family and riding buffalo (ok, the last one might've been an exaggeration) and have just now returned to the keypad of my laptop.

Sorry to say, I did not miss the electronics. I did, however, miss posting to you! So here I am, coffee by my side, ready to catch up.

I find myself in a predicament when it comes to vacations and postings. It just seems irregular to post whilst on vacation. It's all about enjoying the present, and so that's what I did!

Anyhow, I have returned home. My cat was sure glad to see me- drooling, purring, cuddly thing and all, and I can honestly say that I've missed home. Stepping out of the airport and breathing in that fresh Alaskan air.. there's nothing like it. It also feels as if I left in summer and came home to winter. The air turned a bit chilly and whilst mowing yesterday, I noticed them colored leaves. Oh yes, I fear that fall is upon us and summer is bout gone. Then again, this could just be a rainy phase, what do I know?

So I cannot wait to share some stories with you! Man, I have some catching up to do on Throwback Thursdays and Songs for Sundays, so you might be seeing multiples.


It's good to be home.

What I wore: black sequined beret (used), red Bonjour FOREVER 21 top (used), sequined ANN TAYLOR skirt (used), and black NINE WEST ankle boots (sale).

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