Saturday, August 16, 2014

Let's Go Ride a Bike..

Recently, I sat down to watch the incredibly touching film Saving Mr. Banks. Wow. Talk about emotions. It was beautiful. It was childhood, feelings, and emotions all rolled into one and it got me thinking- I'm really growing up.

Especially with my college days coming nearer and nearer, I realize that I'm stepping into the adult world now. I'm finally becoming a young adult, ready for the next chapter in my life.

Yes, that brings me absolute joy about all of the possibilities of the future, but it's also kinda sad to be letting go of my childhood. Yet technically, I'm never "letting go", simply moving forward. Those childhood times will always be with me, they are concrete in who I am as a person. Not only on the inside, but in the world around me. Simply play a couple of chords of Let's Go Fly a Kite and already I'm taken back in time. 

So here's to hopping on that bike, and taking a journey, moving onward, cherishing memories of days past, and looking forward to making new ones..


What I wore: white flower headband (used), gold Landstroms Black Hills Gold necklace (new from the Black Hills!), striped Parisian TOMMY HILFIGER top (worn in France actually, and used), red siren LONG TALL SALLY skinny jeans, and white used KEDS.

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