Saturday, August 23, 2014

Vintage Days are the Best Days.

One can never go wrong with vintage.

It's timeless, classic, and it has stories weaved into every rhinestone and applique flower. 

I myself have always had a soft spot for vintage clothing, thanks to my mother and her love of anything antique and old. Besides their history and elegance, vintage clothing has always had an aura of mystery to it. Who wore this dress? Where did they live and where did they where it? 

So you could say that I have my fair share of vintage clothing and because it's a day I don't work (although I  type this the next day because of a late Sherlock marathon last night), I decided to don a vintage dress for my Dresses for Lesses challenge. 

Also, I'm reading a truly beautiful book called The Perfume Collector and I am most inspired. The setting (London, Milan, Paris), the time period (from the 1920's to the mid 1950's), and the simple luxury in which it took place. At times, of course. It's beautifully written and I highly suggest it. 

I just got me a vintage soul, I guess. And I'm lovin' every part of it. 

What I wore: vintage baby blue earrings (used), SD sunglasses, vintage floral blue and green dress (used), and black RALPH LAUREN flats (used). 

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