Monday, August 18, 2014

Dresses for Lesses Challenge.

I have decided to put together a little challenge this week. Now who knows who may follow suit besides myself, but I welcome you to give it a try!

The challenge is... dresses for lesses. it began as a challenge to wear dresses all week long (after a lovely day in Anchorage yesterday where people complimented my dress attire). And then I thought yes, I have loads of dresses, that'll be easy. let's spice things up a bit and went even further to all the dresses being used.

Yup. Thrift, consignment, borrowed, all recycled dresses. How fun does that sound?

So join me on this dresses for lesses challenge. It gives you an excuse to dress up any old day, and at the same time, you're being green!

What I wore: misc sunglasses (SD find), floral LEIFNOTES dress (used, and very much reminiscent of a certain Quinn Fabray), sparkly bronze J CREW loafers (super sale), and coral KATE SPADE bag (gift).

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