Wednesday, May 6, 2015

1960's in Vogue.

Aimlessly flipping through the pages of the 1961-62-63 versions of VOGUE sounds like a mighty fine time indeed.

It's even finer when you're doing it for an assignment in class.

Today in our Trends class, we were given an assignment to research color schemes in any past decade. Naturally, my mind immediately sprung to the mid-century eras. I could settle with any past decade, truly. I'm a huge fan of vintage and the past, and so our group finally settled on the 1960's.

Not such a bad decade, eh? I was thrilled beyond belief, cause vintage is what I'm all about, and especially with Mad Men- End of an Era coming to a finale this year, the sixties have been ever present in my life.

So for my class today, I got the pleasure of taking a lovely kick-back in the library researching our selected color scheme of the early sixties... what an afternoon!

I couldn't help but snap a few of my favorite pics from the extensive VOGUE collection at school, one of the first things to sway me into coming to FIDM!

Finally narrowed down to the early sixties.

Scrolled through and about died because this little penoire set looked very familiar!

See? Found my little number in an antique store. Oh, and don't mind Whitney and I. We're just examples of a prime Saturday night here in the OC. Got your sparkling apple cider by the bottle, cigarettes that're actually bubblegum, sexy sixties sleepwear, and let's not forget about Mr. Bear. See? We were rocking this trend from the start!

I was going absolutely nuts looking through these treasures!

I'm all right, ya hear?

What I wore: vintage rhinestone earring (used), pale green vintage dress with beaded collar and tie (used), and cream FRYE ankle booties (used). 

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