Thursday, May 14, 2015


Epic. Mind-blowing. 

Basically the two top words I have to use to describe my new favorite film- Interstellar. A little late on that bandwagon, but better late than never!

Now it's weird how this is all going to come together- Interstellar, today's outfit, and then my Throwback Thursday. To catch you up to speed, I was with my dad and grandma this past weekend on a little road trip in the new Tesla. 

Well what does Interstellar and Tesla have in common? A shared fan- Elon Musk.

Is this the doppelganger for me? HA. I wish! No, Elon Musk is actually the CEO and chief architect of Tesla Motors, the chairman of SolarCity, and the CTO of SpaceX. 

What we really need to focus on here is the connection SpaceX and Interstellar.  Already being a fan of Elon thanks to Tesla Motors (and our shared first name), I was even more fascinated when I found out that he was on the special features edition of the film. Now whilst I haven't seen it, my family raves about it and I'm not that terribly surprised to see that he had some involvement with the film, however little it was (ok, like two minutes). So there's the connection between the Throwback and today's Interstellar outfit inspiration.

But let's talk about the film, because truly, when I finished it, I was at a loss for words and I literally felt as if my mind had been blown. I had been encouraged relentlessly by my dad this past weekend to watch it, even listening non-stop to the soundtrack that my dad had promptly purchased (by the way, Hans Zimmer is an absolute genius and the soundtrack is perfection), and so I finally sat down and watched it. 

There's just so much I could say! The special effects, the acting, the music, the suspense, the absolute complexity of space and time relativity and gravity. Christopher Nolan blew me away into the wormholes of space and I can't find my way back! 

So now I've been inspired. The soundtrack is my life, I'm an avid reader of space history now, wanting to know more because truly, we know nothin' *Jon Snow*. Space is just... a mystery. And there's so much more I want to know!

I guess the most obvious space obsession you can see on me is exhibited in my outfits, for that's where I generally express my inspirations. And today, out of all the drought filled days of the year, it rained. Poured, is more accurate. Rain drops pelted the ceiling during school and puddles formed outside. Coincidence? Or is the fifth dimension telling us something?

Here are some photos of the film that kind of inspired me look today..

What I wore: Dad's old UC Davis denim shirt (used), lavender stone necklace, KIMCHI BLUE dress (used), gold BANANA REPUBLIC gold sparkly thin belt (sale), and pink FERGIE ankle booties (used). 

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