Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Song for Sunday- River of No Return.

I have been on a Marilyn Monroe kick recently. Maybe it's due to the fact that I've been watching lots of her films by candlelight in my pink Marilyn Monroe robe, yearning for a love to call my own...

Getting a little sappy on ya here, but that's what I've been feeling lately. I can't help it, I'm only human! And her films just make me insanely happy on the inside, forever strengthening that romantic aura in me.

Anyhow, this song in particular is one that I love to listen to in the shower (again, by candlelight). I like to sit down in the tub with the water softly shooting down and listen to this song.

It's sappy, it's sensual, but it's so beautiful and I love listening to it when I'm feeling slightly blue, or when I've yet again been hurt by a guy. Someday, someday..

"..I can hear my lover call come to me, no return, no return
I lost my love on the river and for ever my heart will yearn.."

P.S. It's also from a film that I am dying to see!

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