Thursday, May 14, 2015

Throwback Thursday- Time in the Tesla. Oh, and Kittens.

So I just returned from a pretty exciting weekend! My dad was generous and bought my grandma a Tesla for Mother's Day, and I had the lovely opportunity of meeting them all in Northern California for a little Tesla Tour in their Fremont Factory, as well as a pretty action packed road trip.

Let's just say that a Tesla is my car. I can't go down the street now without keeping my eyes peeled for one, and when I do come across one, especially in the parking lot, I want nothing more than to meet the owners and take it for a ride.

Tesla's are everything I thought they would be- and more. Much more!  Not only are they incredibly good for the environment (electric cars run on nothing but batteries), but they're incredibly sexy and sleek, they have some truly unique and innovative aspects, and the acceleration is incredible. I've never been this excited to drive in a car!

To begin the gist of the weekend, we'll start with my second favorite thing in life (besides coffee): cats.

We stayed with my cousins who live in San Jose and they just so happened to be fostering four baby kittens. I about blew a gasket. They were the most adorable little darlings and it took me hours to get to sleep because I could not pull myself away from their cages. 

Can you blame me?

And then there was the car pickup and tour of the factory. 

By far, the best factory tour I have ever had. The tour guide was exceedingly entertaining and most knowledgeable, and we literally got to see the process of making a Tesla car. Just astonishing. And whilst I could not take any photos, here are some I found off the world wide web (so old fashioned I be). 

Eighty-eight football fields big. You need bikes to get around. This is one epic indeed. 

OH. And before I let this slip my mind, I got to actually see this Tesla Roadster from a few years back that was actually in the second Iron Man film, in Tony Stark's car collection. ALSO, Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla Motors) was in the film as well! Fan girling.

Pickup time!

Watching my grandma learn how to operate new technology is one of the greatest things to observe..

Dad looks ready to rock n' roll!

Farewell Tesla Factory! Until next time.

Time to get on the road..

First time charging at Harris Ranch, CA! What an experience that was. 

First time behind the wheel of a Tesla, right? And we're cruising along in the California dessert and all of a sudden, a snake head pops out of the hood of the car in the left corner. A snake head! It was the absolute craziest thing. Did we just pass through.. the Twilight Zone?

Also, can I just mention the cruise control on this baby? It automatically slows down when approaching slower vehicles (no brake needed), and when you switch lanes to pass, it automatically speeds up to the original set cruise speed. Can you say awesome?

Charging station in Lone Pine, CA.

Good morning from Grandma's house!

Best backseat..

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