Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sixties and Speech.

I know. I know. There's quite a sixties vibe trend going on right now in Elanville (new nickname that my friends dubbed for me because apparently I sometimes live in my own little world- but don't we all?).

Last time I talked to you, which was actually some time ago, I was in the midst of starting a 1960's project for my trends class, am I right? Well, today was that day for presenting.

It went well enough. My friends and I had the Hairspray Welcome to the Sixties playing, as well as the theme song for the best tv drama of all time, Mad Men (actually coming to a season seven series finale this coming Sunday, by the by), and told the class what all the sixties were about, as well as our selected colour scheme.

But aside from that, I also made a speech in my speech class that kinda rocked the roots again. Perhaps you remember the I AM project we worked on last quarter? The organization promoting healthy body image and the education of self-love? Well today's assignment had to do with something we were passionate about, and as you know, healthy body image is just my cup of tea. I went up there, began the speech with a proper role play of how the modeling agents told me I was too fat, too tall, too not good enough for their selected body portrayal, and then I went on to say how basically we're not worth the size of what we wear, or the hips we have, or the Insta likes we get.

And every time I do this speech, my spark glows just a little brighter and my skin grows just a little tougher. This is what I'm most passionate about, and the more I talk to people, and the more I get to share my experience, the more persistent I become in taking this to a national level.

There won't be any disappearances about my talk on body image, let's just say that!

Apologies again for the delay in chatting. I actually had an exciting weekend that I'll be most happy to share with you tomorrow!


What I wore: vintage black beret (used), vintage effervescent rhinestone choker (used), red silk BANANA REPUBLIC blouse (used), red/mustard/green floral VICTORIA'S SECRET bustier (used), black CLASSIQUES ENTIER high-waisted cigarette pants (used), and red SALVATORE FERRAGAMO vintage shoes (used). 

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