Monday, May 18, 2015

Running Every Morning (for coffee).

For some people, it's biking. Others may fancy yoga, hiking, swimming, or jogging.

For me, however, it's running. But not your typical, throw on the Nike's and run five miles. Oh no, this is far from that. I run every morning, but for coffee.

And yes, that basically means that my two feet carry me to the java source to allow me to consume the heavenly drink, no sweat involved! Unless, your machine goes whack.

Recently, I've had some trouble with my little espresso machine and after many hours of careful examination (I take this stuff seriously), some thrown dishes, and multiple groans of aggravation, I discovered that the gasket (the little rubber circle inside where the water pours out) was broken.

And then the world ended.

Nah, I'm just kidding! I mean, at the time, it felt as if it did but all it required was a simple replacement online and the use of some of those Christmas Starbucks cards as well as multiple trips to my new favourite coffee haunt, Portola Coffee Lab.

But I think that the real reason behind this post was to share that you don't know how much you love something until it's gone. We take a lot of stuff for granted, and for me, coffee is pretty high up there. We go through our everyday lives, our everyday routines, and when something goes awry and we can no longer have that routine part of your day, you miss it.

I missed coffee, oh yes I did. And I would run thousands of miles for a cup of this stuff.

Oh and also, I cannot wait to get back to work this summer at Kaladi Brothers Coffee! 

What I wore: vintage rhinestone and pearl necklace (used), grey AERIE coffee tank (gift from sister), white CACHE leather skirt (used), and very used white KEDS. 

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