Wednesday, May 20, 2015

If I Could Be a Millionaire for a Day..

We had a very deep self-analysis project go down in Effective Speech class today. The assignment was titled: Blueprint Into Your Soul, and consisted of three important questions.

What do you want to experience in life?

How do you want to grow?

What will you contribute?

It was a pretty emotional class, with a lot learnt. I can't go on to explain how inspiring so many people are. As the teacher so kindly puts it, we are a "destiny class." I couldn't agree more!

So tied in with this project, we had another class in which we had to pick a brand for an in depth analysis and trend prediction. Naturally, we chose Kate Spade. And thinking about Kate Spade, I thought about their quirky sayings: I've never been a millionaire, but I just know I'd be darling at it.

To combine these two classes, I asked myself the question: If I could be a millionaire for one day, what would I do?

Here are some answers I came up with, recently inspired by my Effective Speech class today.

If I could be a millionaire for a day,
 I would treat twenty-five families to a day at Disneyland.
I would buy everyone in a coffee shop coffee.
I would buy Jo Malone perfume for my mom.
I would invest some money!
I would do some splurging at Ted Baker and Kate Spade.
I would buy lunch for one hundred homeless people.
Buy a new outfit for my doll and get her a proper hair comb.
I would hide money in various spots around town for people to stumble across.

And the list goes on and on. Basically, this class has thoroughly inspired me to be more open-minded, to live out a life of acceptance and no judgment, to live life to the fullest, the most happy it could be, to experience love and travel, and to be generous and kind.

Also, I'm thinking I could be a hair model. Whaddya think?

What I wore: vintage flower cream earrings (used), vintage silk floral 1970's vest/dress (used), and black misc. flip flops. 

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