Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day.

We had a pretty epic day at school, in honor of Memorial Day. All of last week, new artwork was being put up as well American flags in every nook and cranny. And at lunch today, we were given quite a presentation that sent goosebumps rippling down my body and tears pop out of my eyes. 

It made me incredibly proud to be an American.

Basically, there's a veteran who's also a past FIDM student who now does involvement with this organization called Freedom's On Me. We had multiple speakers, including a woman who lost her son, and it was just all very touching and inspiring. The fact that we're able to attend a fashion school that's still so heavily involved in things other than strictly fashion is just awesome, especially a subject that deals so much with American patriotism.  

God bless America, and thank you to those who have fought to keep this country safe, and to those who are currently doing so. 

Celebration at school included a full on barbecue, complete with supermodels' favourite food- burgers!

I seriously felt so much like nurse Evelyn Johnson from Pearl Harbor..

What I wore: navy and white PINUP COUTURE 1940's dress (used), and vintage red SALVATORE FERRAGAMO shoes (used).

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