Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Bee Brave.

It was after a non-stop week of rain that we were finally blessed with blue skies. Waking up to birds chirping and hopping all over the lawn and the sun shining brilliantly in my room, I dressed up in an outfit that took me to the skies: blue.

With the day so clear, my mom and I ran into town to run some errands, one that left me to sit in the car and wait an hour. That was fine by me. I like time by myself, and so I reclined my seat and took to staring up at the clouds moving above me, watching planes soar by and thinking about all those times I have sat in airplanes looking down below at the clouds.

It was all very nostalgic and reminiscent until all of a sudden, a bloody bee flew into the car from the two inch crack in the window I had next to me. I bolted upright as this creature buzzed inches from my face, trying not to panic because panicking makes it worse. So it flies to the driver door and I think of my options. Well, my mom locked me in the car. She also happened to take the key with her and I knew if I opened the door, the alarm would go off and I have no way of stopping it without the key. Ok, call Mom. I dial her number and her cellphone rings just beside me. Great. I am now stuck in a locked car with a big ole bee with no way out.

Somehow, I end up opening the door and of course all the alarms go off. I hide in shame as people inside all look to see what the matter is and naturally, it's not the right time for the bee to leave so I am once again stuck with this thing.

Eventually, it crawls itself back to my side and after three or four climbs up the window, then retreats down, it finally flies out into the world.

And I'm free from harm. Whew.

It's important to be brave in any situation, whether it be stuck in a locked car with a bee, or perhaps taking the courage to follow your dreams. August has come much too quick and pretty soon, I will be taking flight to a foreign country. I'm stepping out of the comfort of my home and I'm making my dreams a reality.

Whenever you have doubts, do as I do, and take a look up at the clouds, at the vast sky. You may think your dreams lie up there, but in reality, you need look no further than right in front of you.

Before disaster stuck...

These are the days of summer I love..

What I wore: vintage flower rhinestone choker, blue off-shoulder Taller Than Your Average crop top, light grey Joie pleated midi skirt (consignment), and Louise et Cie denim pumps (Nordstrom Rack). 

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