Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Spit Happens.

It's been a tradition ever since I've left for college: Homer Spit trip. My mom and I take the day off and drive down to Homer to eat, shop, drink coffee, and did I mention shop? We usually take the American Girl doll and enjoy the quiet serenity of the spit, when all the tourists have gone home. It's one of those bittersweet days that I look forward to because we often have loads of fun, but it also comes as a sign of imminent departure from Alaska.

Homer is one of those special places on earth that is completely surrounded by nature. Whether it's mountains across Kachemak Bay, fireweed patches waving colorfully by the side of the road, or endless waves of water, you can't help but feel incredibly close to nature. It's rare that you come across a town as eclectic as Homer and on top of that, it happens to be the halibut fishing capital of the world and full of lots of unique shops and restaurants.

That being said, today was the day in which we went and since Grandma's in town, she came along with us.

What more Alaskan way to start the trip than with a momma and baby moose crossing the road?

By far my favorite part about Homer is when you first crest that hill. You get this view at the top and then descend down..

"I'll never let go!"

As predicted, us ladies went to multiple shops and dined on some of Homer's finest cuisine. I then had trouble moving away from the big buoys because...

I like big buoys and I cannot lie!

What I wore: white vintage bobble earrings, black Topshop halter top (Nordstrom Rack), green Mauve skirt (consignment), and black flats (Nordstrom Rack).

We then ended the eve with maple lattes from Coal Town Coffee & Tea. They were most hearty lattes..

I had a beary good day indeed.

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