Saturday, August 20, 2016

We Are Who We Are.

I couldn't help but sing along to Kesha's We R Who We Are lyrics this morning while putting on my red pants. "When we've got our hot pants on and up..." And then when you play Ke$ha, you naturally dance to the beat and then your morning goes on from there.

So who are we? It's a big question. Yes, I'm a FIDM graduate who's tall and from Alaska with a fancy for coffee and cats, but man, that sounds an awful lot like a very tip of the iceberg description used for social media websites. Or perhaps you prefer the "Well, I graduated with a degree in Merchandise Marketing and i'm organized and a hard worker and excel working in group dynamics."

But who are you? Not what you do. Not what's on your resume, but who you are as a person? So often, we chose these really basic descriptions on how we are taught to describe ourselves. Never mind the fact that we have perserverance to climb a mountain, or an empathetic heart to a stranger.

To that, I say don't look at yourself through their eyes. Don't teach yourself to dumb down who you are to fit the standards of how we should properly describe ourselves. We're more than where we went to school and what we look like. Sometimes, I wish we could wear our insides out so that our heart and soul could shine through because sometimes, we forget what's in there and chose to rely on temporary things like looks and past statistics.

We are complicated beings and there is so much more to a person than just a few short adjectives and some updates on what we're doing in life. To define is to limit. It is time to stop the inadequate descriptions and start believing in all of the amazing qualities that make you who you are.

"You are not your age,
Nor the size of clothing you wear,
You are not a weight,
Or the color of your hair.
You are not your name,
Or the dimples in your cheeks,
You are all the books you read,
And all the words you speak.
You are your croaky morning voice,
And the smiles you try to hide,
You're the sweetness in you laughter,
And every tear you've cried,
You're the songs you sing so loudly,
When you know you're all alone,
You're the places that you've been to,
And the one that you call home.
You're the things that you believe in,
And the people that you love,
You're the photos in your bedroom,
And the future you dream of.
You're made of so much beauty,
But it seems that you forgot,
When you decided that you were defined,
By all the things you're not.."

What I wore: black Tom Ford sunglasses (consignment), red bobble necklace, black Single cherry crop top (consignment), red Kate Spade Saturday high-waisted pants (Nordstrom Rack), and red Lien Do pumps (Anthropologie sale).


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