Friday, August 5, 2016

Rainy Days in Negliges.

There are many things that I cherish in the wee small hours of the morning. While the whole world is fast asleep, I have the joy of driving town at five am through the rain to work, empty streets and splashing puddles guiding me to the cafe.

No one is up, and I experience this peaceful solitude, although I sometimes think what if there was an apocalypse? when I don't see customers for the first hour. 

Other than that, it starts my day off right. When August approached so suddenly, our warm weather bid us adieu and the rain came tip toeing in. For the past couple of mornings, I've woken to the pitter patter of rain and my room smells refreshed and healthy. And with rain come my favorite rainy traditions. 

First, there's cat naps. This includes open windows, lots of pillows, and one pudgy cat perched on your feet. Then there's reading in bed. This often includes changing into a negligee or penoire set (especially if you've been watching Mad Men or have a fancy for 1960's nightwear). You light a candle, crack open your favorite book (for me, it's currently Rupi Kaur's Milk & Honey. I strongly suggest you read it), concoct your favorite cup of coffee or tea, whatever your fancy, and enjoy an afternoon in the comfort of your bed.

It's important to feel comfortable in your solitude and to have days like this to yourself. After all, you are yours before you're anyone else's. It's nice to take a day and appreciate the comfort of your own company, tucked away in a cozy place...

"fall in love with your solitude"
(but make sure it includes the company of a cat)

Also, these handmade in Soldotna candles are truly quite delightful. They crackle when they burn and because it's soy, it burns for longer. Plus, they smell nice so win win.

Just a few of my favorite quotes..

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