Thursday, August 25, 2016

Blues News.

And just as quickly as summer came, it departed. It started when my sister left. Then I noticed that tourist traffic had greatly decreased, empty roads now signaling the end of summer. Then there was the fireweed, bloomed at last, giving us a sign for a first snow in six weeks. Just like that, my summer had ceased. 

Then came the preparations. I began to go through my closet (multiple times), write a to do list of errands needing run before my departure, and the whole "last time I'll do this" mentality began sinking in. 

Change has such a myriad of effects on me. At one end, I'm saddened at leaving all that is comfortable and all that I'm used to. On the other end, I'm thrilled beyond belief at the mere prospect of a new adventure, craving the unknown and anticipating new memories being made, growing as a person. And right there in the middle, I'm fighting between the two emotions, feeling terrifyingly saddened excitement. 

This is the thing that is so brilliant though. You grow up at home, influenced by what's around you and growing as an individual. Then you take how home has shaped you and you go out into the world, exhibiting those characteristics and growing from your mistakes and experiencing new situations. 

And then home is there waiting for you, and you get to come back for a refreshment. It's all a rather beautiful pattern, but it nonetheless refuses to dim my tears that come when I leave. They come involuntarily and there's no stopping or prepping for it, for it will always come when I'm leaving my home for an extended period of time. 

So there's the blues. But to celebrate such an important chapter in my life (both in leaving for London and for my impending 21st birthday), Mom sweetly brought out the bubbly. But this was no ordinary bubbly....

Blue bubbly for a blue girl..

When I suspected that someone might've been photobombing behind me...

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