Thursday, August 18, 2016

Lift Up, Don't Tear Down.

I have noticed a most empowering trend lately. I first noticed it at work. It was about seven in the morning and this sleepy female customer came in and complimented my look. She couldn't believe I looked so good at so early in the morning, even after I told her that the key was lots of music and hefty amounts of coffee.

Then I noticed it in Anchorage when my mom and I went to the city to shop. So many ladies were complimenting my mom and her look and her positive energy. 

Just last night, I was incredibly stunned and proud to see that the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers of  the 100 M hurdles were all American women. And then I read that American women were the dominating powers behind this years Olympics and I just think that's amazing.

I just beam when I see women being kind and complimentary of other women. There is something so powerful about a few kind words and coming from females, it's evermore powerful. 

We live in a very jealous and shallow society where we have this obsession with how we look and how we should be better than other people. We strive for perfection and we don't hesitate to be cruel to others if it's for personal gain. There's nothing wrong with believing in yourself and loving yourself, but there is something toxic when we have to put down others in order to make us feel higher and of more value. The biggest insecurity there is the jealous one! 

I've seen it and I've felt it myself and there is nothing more damaging to yourself and to others than the twisted satisfaction that comes from destroying other women out of jealousy and hate. Each person shares a special something and instead of celebrating that, we seek out to destroy them, or worse yet, believe that we are at fault if we are not like them. It's a vicious cycle, but other women are not our battlegrounds to fire upon. 

We should be lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down. When one person succeeds, we succeed with them by being supportive and encouraging. 

As Rupi Kaur best sums it up: 

"What terrifies me most is how we foam at the mouth with envy when others succeed but sigh in relief when they are failing. Our struggle to celebrate each other is what's proven most difficult in being human."

It's something to work on, but imagine the things we could accomplish if we all just had a little bit more faith in our fellow females and a sense of pride for when they succeed...

I went literal with the pictures and decided to "lift" Fudge up because I am proud of her for being such a friendly feline. 

What I wore: pink Aerie sunglasses, pink flower vintage necklace, silk floral 1940's vintage dress (Mom's), tan Ted Baker belt (I loved my job!), and nude Spiegel pumps (consignment).

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