Saturday, January 10, 2015

Me in a Mini.

Now it is a rare site indeed to find me in a miniskirt. Traditionally, mini skirts on any normal legged person would include a skirt that fits above the knee, courtesy of the 1960'.  I, however, have the legs of a Daddy Long Legged Spider, which means that any normal length skirt is a mini skirt and any normal mini skirt is like underwear on me.

Now it's temps rising into the mid thirties, I decided to bare the cold and show some skin! 

Never be afraid to show some skin! As long as you've got it, and as long as its tasteful, girl, you embrace that winter warmth and put on a mini! 

What I wore: vintage rhinestone necklace (used), vintage salmon pink cutout top (used), striped J CREW mini skirt (sale), and blue SACHELLE boots (used). 

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