Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Winter Pop of Color.

So although we have just a fine powdered sugar sprinkling of snow upon the ground, the winter weather is in full spring upon us. This past week has been full of crispy clear mornings, full of crusty frosted trees and cold air smoke coming from our exhaled breaths.
It's really beautiful. A little cold, maybe, for my taste, but beautiful. And we just had a hot tub installed too, so it's not like I can't stand the cold.
Anyhow, in the field of white trees and bundled up Alaskans, there was a minor hole in the colorful area. So I channeled some inner Kate Spade and went for some pops of color in my ensemble today. It's all about bringing in your own dosage of sunshine, warming up even the most chilly of days.
I found this lovely photograph in the consignment store today as we were entering a couple of racks from the week before. I find it to be incredibly elegant, and the lady in the picture and myself both share a penchant for rhinestone chokers! And who knows, for all we know, her dress could have been yellow!
Can you guess where my pop of color is hiding?

What I wore: vintage iridescent rhinestone choker (used), black and white diamond patterned MAUVE dress (used), gold soarkly BANANA REPUBLIC belt (sale), sand colored NORDSTROM cashmere fingerless gloves (used), gold sparkly KATE SPADE fishnet tights (sale), and brown MIA ankle boots (used).

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