Thursday, January 15, 2015

Los Angeles Jewelry-Antiques-Design Show.

A couple of days ago, on my rare scrolls through my Instagram, I came across a recent post from the OC FIDM page advertising some tickets for an art show in LA. Just coming back from Alaska, I was more than ready to bounce back in the scene and try out something exciting!

So last night, I drove myself and a couple of friends through the traffic filled freeways to Los Angeles. 

The night was a blast. Truly. We had these very nice tickets to a preview party to the Los Angeles Art-Design-Antiques show, and then a transferable ticket to check out the LA Art Show just next store! 

Where to begin? Well, as where most people should begin.. the food table! We knew there was a reason for coming all the way out here. ;) We started with delightful mini cupcakes and then went on to some pastas, eyeing the adult drinks and chatting amongst ourselves. 

It was a fairly swank event too. Lots of creative Los Angles types, expensive bags, and a mix up of LA's artsiest. We ducked in and out of various booths, enjoying the selection of art, as well as the many good looking men walking past.

I had a very nice time. We took photos on the red carpet, peeked into the VIP table ( Lauren and Haley hoping to catch a glimpse of a possible Harry Styles) observed the diverse displays of incredible art, and enjoyed having such a fancy night out in the city!

Media alert! Four swell students from FIDM attending this evening's art show...

First art of the evening!

Bags galore.

Lauren's having a hard time picking a bag, as you can see..

And of course we had a blast checking into the FIDM Museum booth! Incredible to see garments from hundreds of years past in such exquisite condition..

Carolina, Lauren, and myself having way too much fun in the silver booth!

Both Lauren and Carolina found humour in the artist "Baes."

This was one of my favorite photography exhibits.

Get this: this artist paints downtown on the first Thursdays of every month and charges just 50 smacks for a self portrait. Check out them apples. 

How did they get ahold of my car??

"Lollipop lollipop, lollipop.."

"Up where they walk, up where they run, up where they stay all day in the sun.."

If you look closer..

I thought my dad would get a kick out of this!

A quick bathroom selfie! Sorry for the poor background..

What I wore: vintage rhinestone earrings (used), black and white scarf with Chanel (N-Rack), white silk CAbi blouse (used), black vintage CLASSIQUES ENTIER cigarette pants (from my mother), and red vintage FERRAGAMO shoes (used). 

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