Thursday, January 15, 2015

Throwback Thursday- Missing Home.

It hasn't even been a week yet, and I somehow find myself to be missing home.

There's a lot of things I miss about home. A lot of little things that I take for granted everyday. I guess it's when you're away when you realize just how special these little things are.

So today, I'm going to share a couple of little things that I miss dearly about home.

I miss my doll, Jess. Yes, I know she's a doll, but we all have those little things (or beings) that we're fond of, even as we grow older.

Jess likes coffee just like her mom!

FIDM represent!

Secondly, I miss my favorite furry feline friend... Fudge. I love waking up with her on my feet, I love petting her when she's all cuddly, I love playing with her as she chases string, and I love her company.

I miss my sister. I miss our New Girl nights, making her hot chocolate, gabbing about all the attractive men in the world, and being in her company. 

I miss my brother. I miss our in depth conversations, his nerd talk about Smart Wool, and being in his company.

I miss my mom and dad. I miss their generosity, kindness, humour, and love. 

I miss coffee. Whether it be homemade, from the lovely friends at KBC, or from any other fine establishment on the Peninsula, I miss the taste of good ole Alaskan coffee.

I miss Alaskan wildlife. I miss being able to spot a moose every day, especially through our backyard..

I miss sushi, specifically at Nikko Garden, home of the best sushi in town. I miss the kindness of Mrs. Nikko and the excellent rolls, not to mention dining with the goofy Krull family..

These are just a few of my favorite little things that make up the wholeness of my beautiful home. 

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