Tuesday, January 13, 2015

First Day Back @ FIDM.

Well here we are again! Back to school before we know it.

So I returned here just yesterday after a most tearful and heart wrenching goodbye, but the awesome thing about FIDM is that my excitement for starting new classes at such an fun school helps with the homesickness.

Classes so far have been most excellent. I think I should like to share with you the joy I have for some of these guys.

My first class of the day was Critical Thinking and it was so so neat. We began by closing our eyes and saying hello to the day, What a unique way to begin the winter quarter at FIDM! I then sat there in awe as the teacher went on to say the most inspiring of sayings. I am most excited to see where this class will take me this quarter!

My second class was Concepts in Trend Forecasting and that was another great one. The teacher is lovely and I'm excited to learn about trend forecasting, something I'm usually not watching attentively. You know me, always bringing back the past! And the teacher once interviewed Donatella Versace! Crazy pants.

The final class of the day was just your traditional college mathematics, but even that teacher was chill. He used the word gnarly so I'm quite a fan already.

It's going to be a fantastic quarter, I can tell already. I got to reunite with my friends and we're so in love with all of our classes and teachers.

Can't wait to see what happens next!

My wonderful friends Whitney and Jordan..

First day of school outfit!

What I wore: coral gem necklace (used), minty fuzzy SEARCH FOR SANITY top (used), coral KATE SPADE bag, floral silk TED BAKER skirt (used), and black MISS BISOU pumps (used). 

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