Friday, January 30, 2015

Denim Focus Group @ PacSun.

Anyone lucky to be in the Merchandising Strategies class on Wednesday's at 9:30am, would have gotten a lovely email from the teacher inviting us to attend a denim focus group at the Californian clothing retailer- PACSUN. 

15 points extra credit and the possibility of a gift card and you had Whitney, Jordan, and I in the car in the wee hours of the morning!

It was a wonderful experience, let me tell you. Pulling up to the Pacific Sunwear headquarters in Anaheim, we were intimidated, but more excited than anything to be able to enter and do some work in such a place. After everyone had arrived and gotten name tags, we were lead up two flights of stairs to where the work was happening. All around us were mash ups of creativity: you had sketches of men's tee shirts next to inspiration boards, next to Californian looking head of womenswear bent over sketches or working on computers. It was awesome!

We were led into the denim room, and after dabbling into the complimentary donuts and coffee (like how wicked is that as enticement?), we were split into three different groups.

The first one involved looking at models in various pairs of PacSun jeans. We were given a packed of all the styles offered, as well as colors, and our job was to make notes, answer questions, and basically critique what we did, or didn't like about each pair that came out. I myself made a lot of notes about the destroyed look.. I guess that's coming back in the fall, so be on the lookout!

Our next group was a discussion panel. We all sat in a circle on denim beanbags (how chill is that), and answered various questions: Favorite form of social media? Favorite item in your closet? Favorite brand of jeans? Favorite fit of jeans? Who is your celebrity style icon? I answered as best I could, however, I don't think my answers were of any help, for I'm a way different fit when it comes to jeans! For instance, I have to shop tall, I'm not into trends, I don't have a celebrity icon, and I don't really use social medias. But there has to be other people out there like me! And it's not like I'm gonna lie to these people.. they need the honesty.

Anyhow, last session was another one similar to the first- we were given packets and taken around the room to look at denim, but in more depth. Colors, details, texture, that sort of stuff.

Overall, the experience was amazing. It felt so neat to be a part of the creative process, and we got a gift card as thanks. I would have been happy with the donuts and coffee! But truly, the experience itself was enough. 

Didn't get too many pictures.. Sorry!

Doing some light reading.. you know, to get the know about the company..

What a day!

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